Home Care Services

developing trust, compassion, and respect.

Home Care services can provide support for people of any age, given the right circumstances. However, older adults are by far the largest market for home care agencies. A recent AARP Home and Community Preferences Survey finds that three quarters of adults age 50 and older would like to stay at home for as long as they are able. Care in the home can provide a temporary or long-term support that allows individuals to fulfill this wish.

Attracting new clients, and retaining existing ones, requires an approach that emphasizes building relationships: it is not an easy thing to allow "strangers" to come to your home, particularly when personal care is needed. Older adults--like anyone--need time and experience to feel comfortable being on the receiving end of care. Often, they have spent a lifetime being the caregiver, whether to children, grandchildren, spouse, or siblings.

Building a strong network of supports for clients means having an equally strong network of valued employees. A caregiver, or care partner, can only give his or her best when they are also cared for by employers. Promoting your business means addressing the needs of both caregiver and client.

What sets your business apart from others who offer the same services? Chances are your story has some unique elements that will help shape your outreach. Developing trust between agency and client is essential. Clear, honest, and frequent communication about the services you offer, as well as what sets you apart from others, builds these relationships. MixedCandy Media can help develop your social profile and community connections in ways that reflect the good work you do each day.

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