Objects in Mirror (Move Managers)

helping older people move is amazing.

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The decision to age in place or to make a move to what might be a more suitable home can be painful, drawing on a lifetime of emotions and physical possessions imbued with meaning. That doesn't mean it has to be a modern tragedy: helping people re-focus their own story to one of moving forward rather than staying put or looking backward is an art.

The ideal market for move management services is multi-faceted. One client profile will be someone typically 75+, who is moving into an older adult community from a private home.

Your market includes these clients, but it also includes their adult children, who may live far from their aging parent, or who may be busy with other responsibilities. Sometimes an objective third party can be more effective than an adult child (hello, daughters!) who may be close to the emotions of a move.

The B2B market is also essential to move managers: you need marketers from senior living communities to refer you to potential clients, home care agencies to know of your services for their clients who may eventually want to move, and placement agencies to know you exist to facilitate quicker placement.

In short, a good move manager is part counselor, part bartender, and part labradoodle (ha jk on that last one. I just love the word "labradoodle"). Let MixedCandy Media reflect the strengths and subtleties of your good work, so you can do more of the work you love.

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