Aging Life Care Professionals

Aging Life Care Professionals (formerly known as Geriatric Care Managers*) are key players in the aging services landscape. They work with individuals and families to assess situations and find resources and solutions to address the many circumstances that older people may face. They are professionals with backgrounds that can include nursing, social work, or gerontology.

Your social media should be engaging and professional, and also highlight your knowledge of resources and approaches to care. It should appeal to both adult children and older adults who may need your services. Key concepts are advocacy, flexibility, and support.

Often an adult child will call with a dilemma:

"my father is 92 years old, has some cognitive and physical challenges, and is planning a solo drive from New York to can we tell him this is not a great idea?"

"My parents can no longer live safely at home. . .what should we do next?"

"My family does not agree on the best ways to help our parents. . . "

"I'm worried that my father can no longer manage his finances, but he refuses help..."

"My mother lives alone, and I worry that she is not eating right and not socializing with anyone."

Sometimes the call may be from an older person who recognizes that getting supports in place ahead of time is a smart move: "I'm a solo ager with no family support, and I need to find a financial and medical power of attorney who can advocate for my future needs. . .where should I look?"

A care manager can create a workable plan to address these needs, and can work with families to ease conflict and find solutions that serve their clients well. For more on Aging Life Care Professionals, visit the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA) here.


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*Good move on the name change. No one thinks of themselves as geriatric, which, although a perfectly respectable medical label, does not sit well with many people, even (especially) older ones.