Age with Pride

In this month of June, "age with pride" takes on more than one meaning. It acknowledges the pride that living for many years can evoke; it also speaks to the many LGBTQ+ elders who have faced a lifetime of discrimination and condemnation for simply being who they are. While in many ways times have changed, we also find ourselves encountering this prejudice in daily news accounts that reflect the pulse of our nation. We cannot go back to a time (not so long ago) when people were shunned, careers were ended, and lives were lost due to this ignorance. We can do better.

One organization that we can recommend as a resource for LGBTQ+ elders and their allies is SAGE. SAGE works to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ elders by advocating for fairness and justice across a wide range of issues affecting all of our lives. Issues of aging policy, fair housing, health care, mental health, and more are part of the SAGE effort to improve the lives of millions of older adults. We are thankful for their efforts in this month of June, and in every month that follows.

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